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About Us

About KBE Yard Designs
We are a family owned and operated business

We each play a part in the daily operations of our lawn signs party rental business. Kelly and Brian have over 20 years of retail experience and over 10 years in the yard greetings business. We have taken the knowledge that we have learned and applied it to this business to give our customers and your loved ones the best experience possible with our lawn signs.

KBE Yard Designs will set up your yard greeting, lawn sign, or yard card up within the window of time provided by the customer. Preferably night time hours. KBE Yard Designs will remove your yard greeting the night the contract expires. There is no obligation for you, the customer, to remove or drop off the yard greeting, lawn signs, yard card or birth announcement.

How to Rent a Custom Yard Sign Display

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    You will submit a request through our website for the date and the address of when and where you would like the theme set up
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    We will then email you back our rental agreement and our credit card authorization form. You may mail, fax or email your documents back to us.

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    Once the documents have been received and your order has been confirmed we will set up between the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. the night before you have requested so that when that special someone wakes up it will be the first thing they see when they go outside.
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    We do not take the themes down until the same time they are delivered. Our sneaky lawn artists are very quiet and have been rarely detected at night. They work with the element of surprise. So they park down the street and are extremely quiet during the setup process so that they go undetected.

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